Pathwork Colorado

What is Pathwork?

Within each of us is a Divine Essence full of wisdom, love and courage.

Many of us struggle in various aspects of our lives to realize this.

The Pathwork offers a way to work through problems, issues, challenges, and perceived limitations so that we can make steady progress in overcoming and transforming them.

A fundamental premise offered by the Pathwork is that we are each a spiritual being who has personal and necessary tasks, opportunities and responsibilities to fulfill in our lifetime. For each of us the tasks are different. Where old patterns and beliefs hamper us in realizing our life purpose(s), the Pathwork offers powerful resources and opportunities to break through and move forward.

A common way that we relate to life is from a fearful, contracted place where we often feel like a victim to life’s circumstances. When we are unaware of underlying fears and blind spots we remain unfulfilled in areas of our life.

The Pathwork offers a way for us to see with new “glasses”. Instead of seeing circumstances we continuously deal with as misfortune or “something we just have to live with”, we learn to see that through our lack of awareness we create a self- imposed blindness. This results in misperceiving, distorting, creating beliefs and attitudes that are not aligned with the true situation. Un-fulfillment, anxiety, despair, fear, indiscriminate anger, addictive behaviors, physical problems and relationship difficulties are just some of the consequences of the blindness.

Through the Pathwork process and teachings we find our way through the difficulties and distortions to our true or real self. When we are connected to our real self, we are in reality and aligned with our spiritual essence  and true fulfillment becomes possible and inevitable.