Pathwork Colorado

HELPER SESSIONS – for individuals, couples and families

Sessions with a trained Helper provide an opportunity to explore and work through those areas in your life where you find ongoing challenges and frustration. The goal is to allow you to move in and through your life in a way that is connected to and operates from your True or Real Self and thus achieve genuine fulfillment. The Pathwork is not psychotherapy, although inevitably emotional or psychological issues are touched on. The goal of Pathwork sessions is to make possible the activation of the greater consciousness residing in each of us. All of us have misconceptions, inaccurate beliefs, defenses that create conflicts, and inner obstructions that block or limit our access to our Real self.

A Pathwork Helper has completed the Pathwork Transformation Program, and graduated from an approved six year Helper Training program. Helpers receive ongoing supervision from a Helper, and continue to do their individual work with the assistance of a Helper. A Helper has learned how to apply the Pathwork process to their own life issues and is committed to deepening their practice in all areas of their life.


Experienced helpers lead process groups. In the supportive environment of a process group, we find the safety to risk removing our masks, dismantling our defenses, and exploring and transforming the blocks and misconceptions that stop the creative flow in our lives. The group experience engenders trust in ourselves and in life, and allows us to build fellowship with others who are also committed to finding their inner truth.
Process groups usually take place monthly, with each participant making a 6-month commitment.


In these groups we read and discuss the lectures together. This is often a first step into learning about the Pathwork and exploring the rich material held in the lectures. In the process of working with the lectures there are opportunities for sharing personal experiences and issues related to the lecture topics.

Groups are led by a Pathwork Helper.


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“This work cannot be done alone . . . anyone truly desirous of spiritual growth will find help; of that you can be sure.”  —Pathwork Lecture No. 39