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Linda Farrell, Senior Pathwork Helper
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I carry a passionate heart for the Pathwork and all its gifts, loving to support others’ transformational journeys & “openings of the heart”. I deeply trust the Divine Essence in all of us that knows each step for deepening the connection to our true Self & life force energy. What a joy and honor to support these movements!

I am a Senior Helper who has been a member of the Pathwork Community since 1986. I’m also trained as a Core Energetics Therapist and as a Qi Gong/Healing Touch Practitioner. My M.A. is in Educational Administration with a BFA in Art and Business. I am on staff both in Colorado Pathwork and in the Great Lakes Pathwork Region, having taught and administrated PTP programs and a Helpership Training program. Hiking in the mountains, snowshoeing, sunsets, and appreciating the beauty of nature everywhere fills my heart with joy.

Nick Meima, Pathwork Helper
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Nick has been involved with Pathwork for over twenty years.  During that time he participated in the Pathwork in many different ways: participating in workshops and trainings – including the Pathwork Transformation Program, Helpership Training Program,  Helpership Consciousness, numerous personal intensives, Core Energetics, Lecture Studies, and  serving on the Pathwork Foundation Board of Directors.

Nick also has academic training in Psychology, Marriage, Child and Family Counseling, Gerontology, Organizational Change processes, Couples Counseling, and  extensive involvement in  “Men’s work”.

In addition Nick has had  professional experience in  creating  new businesses as well as CEO of several large non-profit organizations.

Nick is married and has two adult children and two adult step children.

Working past the constraints of  a fundamentalist  Protestant  upbringing , Nick has studied and explored  many of the world religions and Spiritual expressions . The fact that the Pathwork is not dogmatic, rather it invites each person to enter in their own way and to work with  the tools offered on their own issues related to their individual life purpose and tasks – has always been elemental  to sustaining Nick’s passion for the Pathwork.

The Pathwork has provided a process  for coming home to myself. Pathwork offers a structure in which the hindrances and obstructions to realizing more of the Real self can be dealt with constructively. This  is a path of self responsibility –taking on the awesome task of creating consciously – the life that you were destined for.

Nick is currently a Helper Apprentice and is open to working in person in Boulder and Denver, or by phone/skype.  I love to work with individuals and couples.

Tara Welles, Pathwork Helper
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I chose to become a Pathwork Helper because of the profound difference Pathwork has made in my life. Through my own journey I have learned that anything is possible when held in love, light and truth. I offer a heart-full openness that paves the way for love and acceptance of our-selves as well as others. I walk with my clients to shine a light into some forgotten or unseen places so that truth and reality can be found, and healing can take place.

Instead of resisting what lives in us that is hidden and hinders us from creating a fulfilling life we work with it and open to new possibilities and a more meaningful rich life. Through the Pathwork teachings and process we come to know our-selves and our inner obstacles at a deeper level and develop the inner strength and skills to move through places where we feel stuck and through problems that can feel insurmountable. It is a way “home” to self- acceptance and our true selves and with it infinite possibilities.

I have completed the Pathwork Transformation Program, Helpership Training Program and apprenticeship and I have been in ongoing Pathwork process groups for 12 years. I am currently in a 4 year international program for helpers continuing to deepen into the work and principles.

In addition to being a Pathwork Helper, I have been a registered nurse since 1981 and I became a certified Nutritional Health Counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2009.

I offer individual, couple and group sessions and I lead workshops and teach lecture study. I see clients in Boulder and Denver and I am available for phone and skype sessions.